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How Quantity Surveyors Can Help With Your Insurance Claim

    "To all those wanting help with insurance settlements;

    Philip Atkins helped us after the Canterbury earthquakes of February 2011. EQC had deemed our home a rebuild. Phil was recommended by a friend and Master Builder, and this was the turning point in our negotiations with our insurer.

    It may have cost us initially but the return was stunning.

    Our settlement, after Phil's diligent and thorough survey was more than twice the original offer. Like many we felt an offer from our insurer would be fair. After all it was a huge amount.

    We did not realise the costs of rebuilding our home (or the new associated costs) would be so great, or would have changed so much from when we initially built. (More than 4 times the original cost of 10 years before)

    Phil's company is at all times thorough and professional, with a vast experience, knowledge, and advice that will impress.

    My wife and I have enjoyed a fantastic return with the help of Practical QS and advise you to seriously think about using this company!"

    Mark and Donna Bradford



    "To whom it may concern,

    Phillip Atkins prepared a quantity survey report on our house for the purpose of dealing with an insurance claim following the Christchurch earthquake 2011. Without doubt his report was both accurate and punctilious, to the extent that all points of issue that the insurance company could think of to query were covered, even down to being able to provide photographs of these disputed issues.

    I have no hesitation in saying that without his report our settlement outcome would have been much less favourable."

    Eric Muncaster

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