Solving Our Client's Problems

How We Help

  • We conduct a site visit to hear what your problem is then measure the building and record the damage (for EQ claims).
  • We establish a scope of work and build/repair strategy
  • Create a priced schedule of quantities to establish the cost of the build/repairs, based on the site details.
  • We send the full report to you so that you can progress negotiations to build/settle/repair.


We have over 30 years, Experience in the construction industry.

Hands on Experience in both Commercial and Residential Construction.

Extensive Experience in Quantity Surveying

  • Trade certificate Carpentry
  • Advanced Trade Certificate Carpentry
  • New Zealand Certificate Building
  • Certified Builder
  • Licenced Building Practitioner – Carpentry
  • Payments

    Being registered as The Peoples Reserve Merchant We can accept this currency as a payment option.


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